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US Star AJ Mitchell Releases Anthem to Hopeless Love on ‘Flowers On the Moon’

“You’re beautiful, but we just won’t make it through” AJ Mitchell croons on his new single Flowers On the Moon, capturing a romance destined to fail. Like AJ’s previous singles Passionate and Foolish, the new track is set to feature on the rising star’s second album As Far As The Eyes Can See.

Set against a mellow piano melody, the introspective single mirrors AJ’s theme of hopeless loves seen in his last two singles. Passionate explored his curiosity for a fiery encounter, while Foolish left him wondering whether the reward was worth the risk. Flowers On the Moon, mirrors these themes in its music video which captures a wedding going disastrously wrong.

AJ opens up with the video: “I went to Paris for a friend’s wedding expecting a beautiful and magical moment. Unfortunately, It was everything but that. It was chaotic, messy and unpredictable,” Adding “Every second there’s something that goes wrong almost as if it’s a sign from the universe that things will continue to get worse until you part ways.”

A press release shares: “The cinematic album unfolds as a true coming-of-age. Tracing all the stages of a relationship from infatuation to eventual dissolve, the 22-year-old says that after knowingly dating someone that wasn’t good for him, he felt compelled to, “Go ‘as far as the eye can see,’ where there’s nothing blocking my vision, where I’m free to create.”

AJ will be hitting the road in North America to support the upcoming album. Tickets available here.

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