German Musician and Eurovision Heroine Lena Releases New Single ‘Loyal to Myself’

Lena sings of staying true to herself on her new single Loyal to Myself, with the German Eurovision Song Contest victor finding inspiration from challenging times. The empowering anthem is produced by Nicolas Rebscher, who co-writes the single with Hannah Wilson and Sam Merrifield.

Lena notes: “‘Loyal to myself’ describes loyalty to myself – accepting yourself, finding joy in yourself and the things you do. It’s like a promise to myself to keep growing and not to lose sight of my core. Realizing that I have the potential to create something really beautiful if I have fun with it. For me, the song describes the basic feeling that I can stand by myself, even when there is headwind. To leave doubts behind and see bad experiences as an opportunity.”

“I realized I’m enough” sings Lena, who delivers the number – a quiet anthem of self empowerment brimming with a quietly powerful guitar-heavy production and an undeniably catchy singalong quality to the chorus.

Loyal to Myself follows Lena’s singles Straitjacket and What I Want which see her delve into darker pop centred sounds, with undeniably impressive results.

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