Bright Light Bright Light Readies New Album With Ultra Naté Collaboration ‘Every Emotion’

The excitement-filled journey to Welsh singer-songwriter Bright Light Bright Light’s upcoming studio album Enjoy Yourself continues with the release of a mouth-watering new collaboration. The star delivers Every Emotion, which sees him recruit American dance music icon Ultra Naté for a sumptuous nineties flavoured club-ready gem.

Bright Light Bright Light shares the impact that Ultra Naté has had on him: “In school, Ultra’s voice was on the radio ALL the time when ‘Free’, ‘Found A Cure’ and ‘New Kind Of Medicine’ were all chart hits. I was absolutely in love with her voice and her style. She was the COOLEST thing and definitely helped spark my deep love of dance music. Getting to work with her is just such a headspin for teenage me. She’s the absolute kindest and nicest woman, has the most powerful voice and a discography to die for.”

The stars met at NYC Pride, which saw them deliver a duet of Ultra’s iconic cover of If You Could Read My Mind – which the singer released as trio Stars on 54 with Amber & Jocelyn Enriquez. The song would feature on the soundtrack for Ryan Phillippe led cult classic 54. Every Emotion feels like a beautiful companion to the number, with sumptuous disco flavours filtering through alongside nineties house touches.

Ultra Naté shared: “‘Every Emotion’ is such a brilliant song and I’m so happy to be a part of this Bright Light Bright Light release. The mood of the entire project is a feel good vibe, with top production and melodies that make you feel like you’re dancing on air! And of course getting the opportunity to create a video clip that’s fresh and fun, to go with the project – brings an appeal that really makes ‘Every Emotion’ the moment we’ve been waiting for.”

Available on pink and lavender vinyl, CDs and cassette, the album Enjoy Yourself is available to pre-order from Bright Light Bright Light’s official site. The full album arrives on the 17th of May 2024.

  1. You Want My…
  2. Snap! (with Berri)
  3. Revived
  4. Every Emotion (with Ultra Naté)
  5. Boys Etc.
  6. Heartslap (with Mykal Kilgore)
  7. Sweet Release
  8. I Don’t Know What I’m Gonna Do
  9. Down To One
  10. Sweetest Waste
  11. Keep
  12. Enjoy Youth (with Beth Hirsch)

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