Swedish Rockers Royal Republic Deliver 80s Inspired Disco-Rock Anthem ‘LoveCop’

Delivering four minutes of pure camp ecstasy, Swedish pop-rockers Royal Republic deliver a disco-flavoured rock smash, LoveCop. The Malmo based icons coincide the release of their new single with the announcement of their album of the same name, arriving on the 7th of June 2024.

“I’m a LoveCop / My pearls and shiny leather / I’m a LoveCop / Fit Perfectly together / Put your hands up / It’s now or never ever / I’m a LoveCop, baby” the band croon against eighties-inspired production that compels you to sing along. The number is written by Adam Grahn, Hannes Irengård, Jonas Almén and Per Andreasson with powerhouse production from Adam Grahn and Michael Ilbert.

The band share a little of what to expect with the LoveCop album: “The album, recorded at Hansa Studios in Berlin by Michael Ilbert and Adam Grahn, showcases their signature sass, riffs, and puns, a continuation of their irresistible sound. Loaded with intelligently dumb drum beats and groovy bass lines, it’s a sweaty fusion of Metallica and Michael Bolton.”

On the freshly released single, Royal Republic note: “For now, our new single “LoveCop“ is here to inform all the Love-Abiding citizens of the world that you’re basically free to do whatever the fuck you want. If that’s not enough to make you wanna take off your clothes and dance, you are hereby charged with two counts of being a drag!”

You can pre-order LoveCop and access the band’s upcoming tour tickets from their official website.

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