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Margaret Berger Delivers Prospective Norwegian Eurovision Entry in MGP Number ‘Oblivion’

After bringing Norway at top five position at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with I Feed You My Love, Margaret Berger returns to her homeland’s national selection, Melodi Grand Prix. The former Idol star delivers enchanting new synthpop gem Oblivion which she’ll perform in semi-final one on the 13th of January 2024.

Produced by Anders Kjær and Sivert Hagtvet Hjeltenes, with writers Margaret Berger, Anders Kjær, Monika Engeseth and Sivert Hagtvet Hjeltenes, Oblivion is a truly delectable pop feast. With Margaret’s beautifully absorbing vocals and the dazzling synth-drenched production, Oblivion stands a good chance of national selection victory, yet the star faces tough competition from fellow favourites KEiiNO and Super Rob and Erika Norwich.

Stream Oblivion above.

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