Gregory Dillon Delivers Dark Electropop Delight ‘Drive’

Gregory Dillon writes and produces his new banger Drive. With co-writers Jennie Cruse and Nitanee Paris, Gregory crafts a high octane blast of synthpop energy.

In lyrics likely to summon up the baddest of bad boys, Gregory croons “Drive, I’ll show you how to / Ride, so baby don’t be shy / I’ll take you to the darker side…” against intoxicatingly dark electronic production.

The independent pop heartthrob shared: “I know your parents told you not to trust a bad boy but “Drive” is the anthem for breaking those rules. Raised on 2010 electropop, I’m bringing you a late-night rendezvous w/ BIG synth energy: think Rihanna S&M vs. dark Porsche commercial. For the thrill seekers riding shotgun, this high velocity anthem is a face numbing rush destined for adrenaline playlists & midnight city vibes… not responsible for your speeding tickets ;D”

The number follows up from Gregory’s previous single Hot Scars, Pretty Lies, released through his Sad Magic Records.

Connect with Gregory here.

Photos: Robert Riese

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