Swedish Synth Stars Obsession of Time Return With Pulsating New Pop Number ‘Fission’

If you’re not listening to Swedish synth talents Obsession of Time, we implore you to rectify that. The group formed in 1988 return with new single Fission, a glorious synthpop anthem.

On the number Fission, the group share: “It’s an electrifying song portraying the tale of the unseen energies pulsating between us. Deep within our very beings lies a force hiding inside our hearts, much like nucleons seeking atoms to split into nuclear energy. This force cannot ignite in the desolation of solitude. You need someone to hold you close to ignite its radiant shine and guide you back. In the bustling chaos of a crowded space, it can be an overwhelming energy, urging you to seek and embrace an empty space.”

As well as Fission, the group also released the equally excellent single Sorrows earlier this year. The Malmö based musicians deliver scintillating synths, vocals with a delicious bite, and immaculate production on both numbers, which shimmer with their intoxicating appeal.

The group’s Spotify bio shares: “Obsession of Time was formed already in the summer of 1988 by Andreas and Fredrik and in the fall of the same year they were joined by Jane. They band played live at various parties and mini-festivals in southern Sweden until the summer of 1990, when they went different ways for various reasons.” It expands: “Twenty-five years later, they reunited and started working on the old songs. In 2016 the EPs “Time for Reflection” and “Time and Space” was released, later summarized as the album “Closure”. The following year they were a part of the album “Ballerina – The Tribute to Shanghai” and after playing live at several events, they are now ready to let the world face a set of newly written songs.”

Connect with Obsession of Time here.

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