NINA and Ricky Wilde Release Enchanting Full Length Album ‘Scala Hearts’ Including ‘Videotheque’ Cover

Pop heroes NINA and Ricky Wilde release their collaborative album Scala Hearts today, with the set comprised of nine slices of electronic pop perfection. With numbers LA Dreamers and Causeway already released and setting the album’s dreamy synthpop tone, the musicians highlight further track Videotheque for single treatment.

The number will be familiar to fans through British pop duo Dollar’s version, a 1982 top twenty hit produced by the legendary Trevor Horn and penned by Horn and Simon Dallow. NINA and Ricky’s version delivers enchanting vocals atop rousing, dramatic production.

On their collaborative album, the duo share: “We feel indebted to all who contributed and worked so hard to help make SCALA HEARTS possible, and to see the light of day. Radio Wolf, Sean Vincent, Jonathan Atkinson, Ten S, L’Avenue, and especially the amazing Lee Bennett. What a dream team! We feel honoured to call you all our dear friends. We love you guys!”

NINA shared: “This is a really big deal for us because we’ve been working on it for years. It’s a very honest and heartfelt musical journey.” We can fully confirm, it was worth the hard work. This is a real musical treat.

See the full nine song tracklist below. Order the album in physical formats here. Stream below.

  1. Videotheque
  2. Causeway
  3. LA Dreamers
  4. Fade Me Out
  5. Living In Sin
  6. Gold Heart
  7. Night And Day
  8. Fighter
  9. Lovers On A Beach

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