Daphne Guinness Delivers Mystical Japanese Inspired New Single ‘Mishima’, Prepares ‘Sleep’ Album

Daphne Guinness continues the journey to her upcoming fourth LP Sleep with newly released single Mishima. The Japanese inspired track has an aura of mystery, whilst shimmering with an elegant synthpop sound. The singer-songwriter enchants with vocals that channel an ethereal drama and charm in this number which follows previous single Hip Neck Spine.

The name Mishima is taken from that of the Japanese poet Yukio Mishima, who was introduced to the performer by a childhood nanny. Daphne shares: “Her name was Etsukoand when I was three and Mishima died, my father found me on the back staircase trying to commit seppuku. I said to him, ‘I think I’m Mishima.’

The track also features traditional Japanese instrument, the shamisen. “I bought it when I was in Japan with my friend Nori. He took me to this man who was about 85 and still making shamisens and they couldn’t believe that I wanted it. I was in this workshop about an hour and a half outside of Tokyo. It was so lovely. I came back with one. It’s an amazing thing.

Mishima arrives alongside a Paul Fryer directed music video. The director shares: “The idea of Yin and Yang is at the centre of much Eastern Philosophy and Western Esotericism. I liked the idea of a dark and light version of Daphne playing hide and seek with each other. The four elements are also very present on the island. It is in many ways a prehistoric environment and man’s presence there feels temporary. Incorporating this aspect also felt very natural and in tune with the mystical tone of the song.”

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