Interview: Max Ehrich Talks New Single ‘BACKROADS’, Staying Grounded in LA, and Career Success

We had the pleasure of chatting to US musician and actor Max Ehrich about his new single BACKROADS. The track is a a slick fusion of pop and R&B flavours which asserts Max as a musical talent to watch out for. In our chat, Max delved into the creation process behind the song as well as sharing his creative process.

In our open conversation, Max spoke about his early steps into the entertainment industry, the differences between life in New Jersey and Los Angeles, and secrets for keeping himself grounded in the industry. Max gave us an insight the new music he was creating and gave us a glimpse into his desire to make his creations as authentic and truthful as possible.

Max also delved into his experiences in the UK, the influence of The Wizard of Oz, and took part in our quickfire round.

Thanks to Max for taking the time to chat. Connect with Max on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Stream BACKROADS below.

Photo credits: @shocka50, @mesmerizingmedia, and @charles_anthxny

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