Daphne Guinness Reveals Intoxicating New Single ‘Hip Neck Spine’ Featuring Elegant Nick Knight Directed Video

The latest chapter in Daphne Guinness’s musical legacy arrives in the form of Hip Neck Spine, an elegant slice of European disco euphoria. Daphne explored glamorous eurodisco on her 2020 album Revelations, showcased in masterful gems such as Heaven, Permission to Dance and Blow Up with her latest composition feeling like a natural, welcome continuation of this sound.

Hip Neck Spine is lifted from the chanteuse’s upcoming fourth album Sleep, expected later in 2023. The track sees Daphne write independently and produce alongside Malcolm Doherty. With influences of artistic pop, electronic music, and seventies dance music, Hip Neck Spine is a bold, deeply satisfying listen which hooks us in with its intoxicating melody and earworming lyrics.

Daphne shares: “I always put my whole being into everything I do, but in this case I needed to use my body as well as my voice! Hip Neck Spine’ emerged in two takes – its a call to have a good time, engaging the body and the beat.”

The musician accompanies Hip Neck Spine with a visual feast including dazzling fashions, shirtless models, and cinematic aesthetics. Nick Knight directs the official video, noting: “When I first heard ‘Hip Neck Spine’ I felt it was a very modern vision but based in futuristic visions from the past.  I looked at classic futuristic references such as Metropolis, Man Ray and Grace Jones. We worked with Daphne’s unique and incredible fashion collection to film over 25 iconic looks from great designers such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Azzedine Alaïa, all transformative looks creating Daphne a different character for each section of the song.”

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