Brett Young Sings of Bittersweet Nostalgia on New Single ‘Let Go Too Soon’

Brett Young is set to follow 2021’s mini-album Weekends Look a Little Different These Days with a new small set of tracks which he collates on new release Across the Sheets. With the full album released on August 4th, Brett has already teased songs Back To Jesus and the freshy dropped Let Go Too Soon.

The new introspective breakup track is written by Young, Chris LaCorte and Jon Nite and explores potential regret, asking all of the lingering questions following a breakup. The chorus sees Brett reflect on whether things could have been different in a relationship: “I’ve been going out with friends, I’ve been drinkin’ too much whiskey / Burnin’ candles at both ends, but nothin’ seems to fix me / ‘Cause no matter what I do, I still wake up missin’ you / Do you do that too? Did we let go, did we let go, did we let go too soon?”

The country hunk croons against a mellow guitar-driven melody delivering his warming hushed vocal tones to craft an atmosphere of bittersweet nostalgia.

See the full tracklist for the upcoming Across the Sheets album below:

  1. Dance With You” (Written by Brett Young, Jordan Minton, Jimmy Robbins)
  2. Let Go Too Soon” (Written by Brett Young, Chris LaCorte, Jon Nite)
  3. Back To Jesus” (Written by Brett Young, Justin Ebach, Jon Nite)
  4. Uncomfortable” (Written by Brett Young, Ryan Marrone, Jon Nite)
  5. Love Goes On” (Written by Brett Young, Sam Ellis, Julia Michaels)
  6. I Did This To Me” (Written by Brett Young, Ross Copperman, Gabe Simon)
  7. You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me (2022)” (Written by Brett Young, Matt Alderman, Tiffany Goss)
  8. Don’t Take the Girl” (Written by Larry Johnson, Craig Martin)

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