Rising Talent Frimann Releases Irresistible Disco Number ‘How I Like It’, Teases New EP ‘Sugar Papa’

Norwegian rising talent Frimann delighted back in 2021 with his debut EP Last King Alive, now the pop talent has teased its follow-up, Sugar Papa due later this year. The musician gives us the first taster of the new collection with its lead single How I Like It.

How I Like It is an exuberant, funk-influenced discopop number brimming with positive vibes. Slinky electronic production and Frimann’s smooth vocal lure us into a disco paradise. Frimann told us: “How I Like It is a funky, delicious Disco-Pop song about being with the hottest person in the room. They’re someone everyone desires to be with, but somehow is yours. They’re very aware of their attractiveness, and there is an on-going hunt and chase to stay with this person, but like the song states: “that’s just how I like it.””

The singer-songwriter shared that we can expect similar sonic vibes from the upcoming EP, yet it seems in terms of narrative, Frimann is set to tackle a range of emotions. Frimann notes: “Sugar Papa is my second EP: a concept record about being a struggling, independent artist trying to succeed in an all-time-high competitive music industry. The main character of the record tries their best to do ‘everything right’, but can’t seem to get further in their career. They therefore find themselves in need of exploring other sources of income, especially sexual ones, such as sugar dating and private dancing. Overall the EP is a very fun, danceable Disco-Pop record with lots of tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

Frimann’s excellent ear for a pop hook and danceable pop energy are surely a combination destined for musical success.

Steam Frimann’s previous EP below. Connect on Instagram here.

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