Samir & Viktor Return! Swedish Pop Hunks Deliver New Banger ‘SKÅL’

Samir & Viktor have been on a little musical hiatus for the past three years, allowing the Swedish stars the chance to explore alternative projects. The duo, made up of Viktor Frisk and Samir Badran deliver SKÅL for Warner Music Sweden, with writers David Kreuger, Fredrik Kempe and Niclas Carson.

Kreuger and Carson also produce the track which pairs Samir & Viktor’s anthemic vocals to an upbeat melody anchored by background chanting, a chorus of ‘sha lalalalas’ and some earworming harmonica. The number is a celebration of the duo’s charm and sense of infectious enthusiasm, providing a welcome return to their distinctive feel-good sound.

Viktor shared: “Absolutely sick that we get to do this one more time, to think it’s been 3 years since we last released music together. Have a great Friday evening and cheers to you!”

Watch the lyric video for SKÅL below.

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