Eurovision Talent Alessandra Returns With Devilishly Delightful New Single ‘Pretty Devil’

She delivered an impressive result for Norway at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, now Italian star Alessandra continues her journey to pop stardom with new track Pretty Devil.

Singing atop a pounding synthpop electro bassline, Alessandra croons “Show off (I love it), The way you let your body do the talk (I love it), So, baby, I’ma never get enough (I love it), Oh my God, you’re such a rеbel, You pretty devil,” with soaring backing vocals adding to the anthemic appeal of the track.

Alessandra collaborates with Audun Agnar Guldbrandsen, Margrethe Frich, Ludwig Gassner and Einar Eriksen Kvaløy on the new single, which follows her #10 UK hit Queen of Kings. Pretty Devil is even more impressive when we remember that the number is only Alessandra’s second single, with the track showcasing the finesse and pop sensibilities of a seasoned pop talent.

Alessandra shares: “The song is about me singing to a girl that knows that she’s gorgeous, but at the same time carries a lot of insecurities with her. The goal of the song is for her to see herself the same way I see her. I love when she is herself and proud of it. Just be the pretty devil you are.”

The star hits the UK and Ireland early next year with dates in London, Glasgow & Dublin.

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