San Marino Eurovision Favourite Serhat Releases New Summer Banger ‘M.Y.K.O.N.O.S’

San Marino’s Eurovision saviour Serhat returns with a new summer banger – an ode to one of the world’s favourite Greek islands on his track M.Y.K.O.N.O.S Serhat produces this party track himself whilst co-writing with Belgian songwriter Jens Geerts.

Jens shared: “Mykonos is one of Serhat’s favorite holiday destinations. When he told me  that Mykonos is an escape from all the noise, the stress, the online competition to be heard,… No doubt we had to write a song about it together. The song is therefore an invitation and reminder to everyone that making time for fun is important. We all work hard. We all deserve a break now and then.”

The songwriter expands “Eurovision fans know that Serhat likes to throw a party and get us dancing. Therefore, the purpose of ‘M.Y.K.O.N.O.S.’ is to bring joy. In this song I wrote the line “the fantasy’s reality” and that describes perfectly what the song and my friendship with Serhat is about: every fantasy can become reality. As long as you allow yourself to believe in it.”

Packed with brassy party instrumentation, Serhat’s distinctive vocals see the Turkish singer croon “Come to my Mykonos!” atop upbeat backing vocals.

Connect with Serhat and Jens.

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