Sam Hunt Reminisces of a Past Love On New Song ‘Outskirts’

Sam Hunt is keeping us all delighted with new music in recent months, his latest number Outskirts continuing his winning format of emotive vocals, nostalgic sentiment, and impressive country hooks. Sam co-writes with Zach Crowell, Josh Osborne, and Jerry Flowers with the track dealing with memories of an ex flooding back on the outskirts of town.

Outskirts comes alongside Sam’s announcement of his Summer on the Outskirts tour with fellow country hunk Brett Young which will see the Georgia star perform all over the US. Hopefully Sam will announce some international dates soon, Sam hasn’t made it over to the UK since 2016.

Sam spoke on Today’s Country Radio about the track, sharing: “I wrote from the perspective of a sort of free rambling man, single bachelor, trying to find his way in the world perspective,” he shared. “If I’m content and happy and all’s going well, I’m not necessarily inspired to grab a guitar and write a song. So that was tricky for a little while. So I guess what I kind of did was, okay, well what if I had taken this road and I could have easily, I’m pretty independent, I’m good with being on my own. If I didn’t feel like I had met the person for me to spend my life with, and that God had a plan for myself and her, I would’ve easily continued on solo. And so I pretty much wrote from the perspective of the other guy, if I had taken that solo road and chosen this other life, what would that be like?”

Outskirts is thought be featured on Sam’s upcoming third studio album alongside recently dropped singles 23, Water Under the Bridge and Wallmart.

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