Tom Grennan Readies Third Album ‘What Ifs and Maybes’ For June, Releases New Single ‘Here’

British pop talent Tom Grennan wastes no time from the release of his second album UK #1 Evering Road in 2021 with its follow-up What Ifs and Maybes scheduled for June 9th. Containing three Top 40 singles even before its release: Lionheart (Fearless), Remind Me and All These Nights, Tom is likely to find a few more hits from the upcoming LP.

With the announcement of What Ifs and Maybes also comes freshly-dropped single Here. The new cut is penned by Tom and Gerard O’Connell, James Essien, Jordan Riley, and Lewis Thompson – with production from Lewis Thompson, Jordan Riley and Lostboy. On the new single, Tom shares: “With what’s going on in the world, with so many people struggling, affected financially, by COVID, by loads of different things, it’s one of those songs that helps you believe there is somebody in your life that is going to be there for you in the struggle. There’s the battle of everything. But when it’s shared with somebody else, you’re doing it together, not just on your own. So that’s what it’s about, if I’m here for you, then please be here for me.”

Speaking about the album, Tom notes: “I’ve called my new album What Ifs & Maybes. It’s about going with your gut, not your head, because you never know what’s going to happen. I’m not afraid to jump into the unknown – because it’s exciting! It’s about rolling the dice and living your best life with nothing to lose. I’m in a new creative space, and I know I’m finally the artist I want to be. I’m so buzzing for these shows, my biggest gigs to date. I can’t wait to get out and play these new songs to everyone. Let’s go! x”

You can see the tracklist for What Ifs and Maybes below:

  1. How Does It Feel – 2:23
  2. Remind Me – 3:31
  3. Crown Your Love – 3:04
  4. Here – 3:15
  5. Before You – 2:57
  6. Sleeping Rough – 3:20
  7. The Side Of The Room – 3:05
  8. Psychedelic Kisses – 2:57
  9. All These Nights – 2:34
  10. Problems – 3:27
  11. Head Up – 3:12
  12. Love Don’t Cost A Thing – 2:43
  13. Someone I Used To Know – 2:58
  14. You Are Not Alone – 2:46
  15. Unbreak A Broken Love – 2:41
  16. Not Over Yet with KSI – 2:35
  17. Lionheart (Fearless) with Joel Corry – 3:06

Pre-order here.

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