Ukrainian Music Talent Will Armex Debuts Intoxicating New Single ‘Move and Dance’

Will Armex has been releasing some impeccable pop music over the past few years, with the handsome Ukrainian star adding to his impressive musical back catalogue with Move and Dance. The track sees Will collaborate with his five year old daughter Katy on the track which he hopes will bring some light to dark times.

Will shares: “Right now people of Ukraine are going through a very difficult period because of the war.
And for me as an artist, it has become very difficult to make music because all my thoughts are about the destiny of my Homeland. But despite this, I’m still trying to write new songs. Even in the darkest times, people need light.”

An admirable task, Will taps into the unifying power of music – particularly that with an upbeat, high-energy feel – like that found in Move and Dance. Will expands: “Me and my daughter decided to make something lighter and brighter. So let me introduce you to the second collaboration between me and my 5 year old daughter Katy M. We like to spend a lot of time together, we sing a lot, we dance, we invent something new. Sometimes it leads to new songs that we are happy to present to the world. Turn up the volume and move and dance with us.”

The track sees Will’s daughter Katy’s vocals looping against a slinky club beat before Will brings his old vocals into the fold atop hypnotic electronic production.

Connect with Will here.

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