Italian Rockers Måneskin Release Angsty New Number ‘The Loneliest’

Måneskin switch moods from their previous carefree Max Martin produced gem SUPERMODEL, moving to a more sombre territory with emotional new number The Loneliest. The track explores themes of grief and isolation, channelled in an accompanying funeral set lyric video.

The Italian rockers sing: ”Cause I don’t even care about the time I’ve got left here / The only thing I know now is that I wanna spend it / With you, with you nobody else here / Tonight is gonna be the loneliest,” capturing a hard-hitting angst, matched in the vocalist Damiano David’s emotive delivery. The singer goes on the share: “We’re so excited for you all to finally hear The Loneliest. This song means a lot to me, it’s a personal song but I hope you can all relate to it in your own way.” The Loneliest is produced by Måneskin and Fabrizio Ferraguzzo.

Måneskin are fresh from featuring on the soundtrack for Elvis with their cover of If I Can Dream. The group are gearing up for a European tour in 2023.

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