Carly Rae Jepsen and Rufus Wainwright Deliver Delightfully Unexpected Pop Perfection on ‘The Loneliest Time’

Carly Rae Jepsen and Rufus Wainwright is not a collaboration that immediately strikes us as an expected one, but boy does it sound good. The pair share centre stage on the title track of Carly’s upcoming album The Loneliest Time which arrives October 21st 2022.

With lyrics such as “I’m thinking over the night / I could be yours just like before / Rewrite another try / ‘Cause we’ve had the loneliest time” the single seems to share the story of two isolated former lovers reconnecting for another chance at love. The lyrics are written by Carly, Kyle Shearer and Nate Cyphert, with production from Shearer – who also produced Julien on the Canadian singer’s Dedicated album.

With the musicians delivering a sense of romantic longing in their vocal delivery, a silky electronic disco beat underpins the track – a style more associated with Carly than Rufus, but wonderfully suited for both.

‘The Loneliest Time’ Tracklisting:
1. Surrender My Heart
2. Joshua Tree
3. Talking To Yourself
4. Far Away
5. Sideways
6. Beach House
7. Bends
8. Western Wind
9. So Nice
10. Bad Thing Twice
11. Shooting Star
12. Go Find Yourself or Whatever
13. The Loneliest Time ft. Rufus Wainwright

14. Anxious
15. No Thinking Over The Weekend
16. Keep Away

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