Klara Hammarström and Rasmus Gozzi Will Get Your Pulse Racing With ‘Bang My Head’

André Zuniga and Rasmus Gozzi write and produce Bang My Head, Klara Hammarström’s brand new track. The Swedish songstress picks up where her Melodifestivalen 2022 favourite Run For the Hills left off – with the latest single sharing a bombastic energy and similar dramatic pop camp.

“We don’t care if we’re gonna live tomorrow / So put your hands up in the air if you will follow / I bang my head to the wall and I forget it all / I bang my head to the wall can’t catch me when I fall…” Klara sings before a high-octane electronic break-down takes centre stage in the track. Klara’s vocals are impassioned and sell the dramatic energy of the lyrics, whilst Gozzi’s production brings a nostalgic 00s manic yet danceable energy.

Klara has stolen the hearts of many in Europe with her stellar turns at Melodifestivalen with tracks Nobody, The Beat of Broken Hearts, and most recently Run for the Hills.

Connect with Klara here.

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