Darin and Laleh Delight With Breezy Uplifting Swedish Number ‘Vi Är På Riktigt’

Swedish pop superstar Darin has been delighting us with a number of English language singles with Superstar and Can’t Stay Away proving a hit with the singer’s European fans. Darin now hops on a new Swedish language track alongside fellow Scandinavian star Laleh.

Titled Vi Är På Riktigt, in English We Are For Real, the track features the writing talents of Darin, Laleh and Gustaf Thörn with Laleh producing. The uplifting mid-tempo sees Darin and Laleh’s vocals gently glide across twinkling electronic production to produce a bouncy, feel-good number. The soft delivery from both performers helps the breezy emotion of the track effortlessly shine through.

The track is proving a hit with listeners, careering towards half a million streams on Spotify. Praise should also go to Darin for his impeccable arm work on the above image.

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