Ukraine’s KHAYAT Impresses With Absorbing New Electronic Pop Single ‘Нехай’ (‘Yet’)

We’ve been a bit obsessed with Ukrainian star KHAYAT since hearing his 2020 English language Eurovision hopeful track Call For Love entered in national final Vidbir in 2020. Whilst KHAYAT has opted for his native language for his subsequent songs, he continues to provide an appealing listen for global audiences thanks to his impassioned vocals, enigmatic electronic production, and intricate moody soundscapes that he crafts.

His latest single Нехай translates to Let in English, with KHAYAT exploring the importance of appreciating today and the present on the single, the brutality of the invasion in his home nation highlighting the need to celebrate every moment.

KHAYAT notes: “Have you ever wondered what the words spoken in a fire could be someone’s last words? Do you wish you could turn back time to live the same moment again and fix everything? Today life has a completely different speed and we are as steep as we lose. Every day is worth living like your last and it has nothing to do with war. We have no right to allow ourselves to be more attentive, more patient, more loving ever then. Because there is no “then”, there are no many chances. We only have “today””

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