Amadeus Delivers an Escapist Fantasy in Mellow Electronic Pop Treat ‘Can’t Find Us’

Amadeus Sögaard delivers another slice of impeccable Swedish pop in new single Can’t Find Us. The track, which the singer and footballer notes is his personal favourite of the singles he has released, sees him croon against a bouncing percussive beat with the track delivering nostalgic 00s club beats.

Amadeus shares: “Wrote this 1.5 years ago with Kristin Carpenter and Albin Tengblad and has been playing nonstop in my tricks ever since. Been looking forward to sharing this since the day it was written. Hope you guys like.”

Like many of Amadeus’s tracks, Can’t Find Us delivers an escapist fantasy with lines including “I just want to run away with you…” and “I just wanna go somewhere where life can’t find us…” with the musician selling the track with an honest vocal conviction/

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