Ruben Returns With First New Music of 2022 ‘Cry You a River’, Teases Upcoming Album

Norwegian pop hero Ruben returns with his first new music since 2021 with Cry You a River. The track sees Ruben co-write alongside Alessandra Günthardt, Benjamin Pinkus, Haley Shea, and Lars Kristian Rosness concocting an emotional slice of bombastic Scandinavian pop.

“I’ll cry you a river for your love / Make myself a sinner if you want / Say you need me and I’ll run for you / Come undone for you, set the sun for you…” against electronic percussion, serving an absorbing vocal that draws us into this tale of romantic longing. Lars Kristian Rossnes and Benjamin Pinkus produce the track, crafting a moody electronic soundscape.

Ruben shares that Cry You a River is a taste of his upcoming new album, telling his Instagram followers: “CYAR is an introduction to my upcoming album (finally!!!). The song deals with a kind of revelation I had about how much I really wanted love and to be loved by someone. For the first time, I experienced being in love as a feeling of neediness, desperation, and something I really wanted. So much so that I felt willing to do anything. These thoughts and feelings are something I’ve tried to implement in the song itself.”

We are delighted that Ruben is returning with a full album of music, with the star’s voice being missed since his last round of releases in 2021.

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