Australian Pop Talent Alfie Arcuri Shines On Vulnerable New Single ‘Overtime’

Australian pop talent Alfie Arcuri switches tones from his previous single, the titillating Devil’s Lips, to a vulnerable number in the form of new single Overtime. The switch proves as endearing as Alfie’s prior releases, thanks to its powerful lyricism and Alfie’s pitch perfect vocal.

Alfie collaborates with Chelsea Warner on the number which pairs his subtly emotive vocals with production which builds to a mellow groove, fitting the smooth emotional tone of the song. With imagery packed lyrics such as “Living with that devil on my shoulder / Waiting for that angel to come over / My mind is working overtime…” and “I must have been 11 years old / Swallowed by this black hole / I got tired of playing this role / Of someone else,” capturing the enigmatic vulnerability of the track.

Alfie shares: “I really hope you all enjoy this one. The story is quite personal but one that I think a lot of you will relate to. The song is about anxiety.. something that has followed me around for as long as I can remember.. for anyone else who experiences this, I hope at the very least this song tells you that you aren’t alone.”

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Lead photo: @jezsmithstudio

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