Exclusive Interview: The Pinkest Person in the World – Kitten Kay Sera

We are so excited to share our interview with Kitten Kay Sera, the Pinkest Person in the World. The multi-talented creative shared all about her love of the colour pink, her creative inspirations, and the details regarding her latest single Pink Universe and its ambitious music video.

Kitten Kay Sera also shared the exciting news about her new musical endeavour PINKTASTIC PLASTIXX and some of the projects we can look forward to in the future from her.

Thanks to Kitten Kay Sera for chatting to Culture Fix. You can keep in the loop with all of her projects on her Instagram and social channels.

Lead photo: Jordan Ring

Can you recall when you first fell head over heels for the colour pink?

Absolutely! It was my 20th birthday and I was dressed all in pink from head to toe. I kinda had a spiritual awakening that day – it just felt like I found myself. I never wanted to wear another color ever again! I was tickled pink from that moment on! I gave all of my clothes to my 4 older sisters and bought a whole new PINK wardrobe. I have been all pink ever since. 

I would love it if you could talk me through your journey on becoming officially ‘the pinkest person in the world’. 

Good question! Because a lot of people don’t quite understand. I consider myself a Monochromatic (a person who only wears one color). I took it even further and only LIVE in one color also. So all my belongings are also PINK since I have only worn and own the color PINK for longer than anyone *consecutively.  I have set a world record. I am officially the Pinkest Person In The World. I don’t ever stray from PINK (like, it is listed on my acting resume stating I will ONLY wear all pink, exclusively) NO other colors can be added to my wardrobe if a stylist is on board. I usually always style myself and prefer it (as I adore fashion) however if I have no control on a commercial shoot or something ..it is in my contract about the PINK. 

I need to say a massive congratulations on your marriage to the colour pink. Are you more in love now than ever?

Ahhhh thanks so much! I did this wedding ceremony as a commitment to my love for the color pink— it was pure fun! I don’t take my life or myself too seriously. We are only here for a short while so do what you love!

I’ve shared your music before on the site and can’t get enough of it. Let’s chat about your new single Pink Universe. Was it quite an emotional track to write due to its autobiographical nature? 

That means a lot! I appreciate all of your support and your review was one of my favorite. It was really such a fun song to write! I’ve never done a purely autobiographical tune before! It’s all true though. Pinky Promise! 

Pink Universe has a little bit of a country flavour. Is that a genre that speaks to you as an artist and listener? 

Y’know,  I was raised in Texas and was in a country singing group with my 4 older sisters. We sang with some legends – the most memorable for me was Johnny Cash. I was around 14 years old.  This song is kinda a tribute to my past. Like, I truly went full circle! I like the classic country most but I don’t listen to new country at all. I’m such a fan of the pop genre and pop punk even. If I am being honest, I listen to 1970s and 1980s pop & rock if I am hanging out at The Pink Palace (that’s what I call my apartment/ flat in West Hollywood).

Photo: Kitten Kay Sera

I need to to talk about the iconic video for Pink Universe that draws you into a pink sci-fi world. Can you share a little bit about the concept and inspiration behind that?

I think Pink Universe definitely takes you to an all pink world! I really I wanted it to be out of this world hah! I found Pink Wookiee on Instagram and then all my ideas came into play I was like “Okay this is what I want to do!“ I was inspired a little by the films Barbarella & Star Wars. 

My director, Kelly Kidd loved the ideas that I presented to him and after we filmed it at my makeup and hair artist, Robert Sotello’s gorgeous production studio. Kelly worked on editing it second by second. He would text me like 6 to 10 seconds at a time and say “What do you think?” Luckily, he’s my best friend so it was fun for us. We have the same creative vision. But seriously it was a major ordeal editing that video with all green screen and filmed entirely on an iPhone haha! I absolutely love the outcome. 

Photo: Jordan Ring

You are building up quite a number of singles, do you think the pinkest album in the world could be on the horizon? 

For sure! Actually, I have a lot of music that I’ve recorded through the past 25 years and I want to do a collection of all my work. It’s time! People don’t know how long I have been doing this. I used to work at a record store in the 80s and 90s just so I could sell my CDS and cassette tapes! Haha! I released them all independently way before anyone else was doing it! I’m sort of a rebel. 

Thinking more generally, I’d love to hear about some of your other favourite cultural moments. What are the films, books, music or TV shows you can’t get enough of? 

I moved to Hollywood for the glamour and entertainment biz and love the classic films like Auntie Mame, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? I also adore Tootsie, To Wong Foo and Some Like It Hot. I have so many. I have always loved DRAG and consider myself a drag hag. Lately, I have been really listening to Sia, Weezer and Miley Cyrus. I can’t get enough of them. I also love Liza ,Cher, Eurythmics, Dolly, Runaways, Green Day, Queen, ABBA, Boy George and Bowie.  Lady Gaga is also a musical genius. 

I noticed some major artists.. that I love are looking at my Instagram stories and I get all fan girl – like BECK, Lady Gaga and Seal. I wish I had taken a screen shot! I can tell you what, no matter how famous I get, I still get fan girly when I am inspired by an artist. hahah! 

Photo: Oleg Bogdan

What’s next for Kitten Kay Sera – the Pinkest Person in the World? 

Well, I am working on a few major things: 

A documentary entitled “PINKEST” about my life. I want to option it to a major streaming service. I have had such an unbelievable life.. my friends have convinced me to share it. 

I am also the new face of JOAH Beauty (a major makeup brand in the USA). I will be doing a full campaign for their pink line. I cannot wait until we shoot at the end of JUNE 2022! You may just see my face on the side of a BUS! Haha I love their cosmetics because they are cruelty free and NOT tested on animals. This is the probably the biggest campaign I have signed to… as of yet. I hope to do more in the future. I appreciate their vision and the fact they are having someone who isn’t say… in their 20s be the new face of their brand. 

I think when I made the cover of VOGUE magazine (May 2021) PINK issue it changed a lot for me. I was finally taken seriously as a Model ,Recording Artist and TV Personality. The industry realized that I am serious contender. I got Talent Management team and it has been game changer. So to anyone who doubts me I say: yeah, I am here to STAY- so get outta my way. 

We are also going to be in the Pride Parade for West Hollywood on June 5th. 

Lastly, I am proud to announce that I am working on: My NEW all girl band PINKTASTIC PLASTIXX (with lead vocals fronted by me!) It has been a dream of mine to do this -so I am so happy to be making it happen. finally. Our sound is very pop punk. Think Weezer meets The GoGo’s. Super fun and stylized .. my goal is to be performing/touring by September 2022. I can’t wait to hit the stage! COACHELLA 2023 we are coming for ya!!!! 

Thanks to Kitten Kay Sera for chatting to Culture Fix. You can keep in the loop with all of her exciting projects on her Instagram and social channels.

Poster: Kelly Kidd

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