Justin Jesso Questions Relationships and Musical Identity on Slick Pop Earworm ‘Clarity’

Justin Jesso has made a name for himself as a songwriter in recent years, collaborating with Ricky Martin, Maluma, The Backstreet Boys, Armin van Buuren and more. Justin has also been working on his own releases as a singer-songwriter – the most recent of these being the freshly released Clarity.

The upbeat track is written by Justin alongside Adam Friedman – with the latter also producing. With earworming melodies and an enthusiastic, charismatic vocal from Justin – the track helps him shine as a performer in his own right. The lyrics sing about someone seeking clarity about their relationship, yet the they have a deeper resonance to Justin. The singer elaborated on the meaning behind the track, sharing that it was a chance for him to establish and find himself musically:

“It’s also about me finding myself. I wrote it in the middle of a pandemic. I was really stressed out, and living with my parents, and the world was shut down. I just really wanted to not consciously think about what I was writing, but rather let it all pour out of me naturally, and this is what came out. So it’s also about me finding clarity in my musical journey, and trying to figure out where I’m heading … It’s really the music that I want to be doing and the music that speaks to my soul, so it’s deeply personal to me in my journey as an artist”.

You can connect with Justin below. Stream Clarity above.

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