German Singer-Songwriter KAMRAD Gives Us a Triumphant Pop Belter ‘I Believe’

German singer-songwriter Tim Kamrad (musically styled KAMRAD) delivers a pop belter with his latest single I Believe. Opening with the singer’s bold distinctive vocals atop sparse production, I Believe builds to a powerhouse pop chorus complete with earworming clapping rhythm and dazzling synths giving the single an anthemic quality. This is a huge pop hit in the waiting that asserts KAMRAD as an artist that should be on your radar.

With a chorus that sees KAMRAD croon “I believe / I‘d rather fall asleep than fall in love / I believe / That someone in my bed is not enough / I believe / I‘d rather fall asleep than fall in love / I believe It‘s only in my head yeah…” I Believe packs a melody that sticks with you, whilst KAMRAD’s strong vocal character help him add further gravitas to the track.

The singer-songwriter co-writes with Jonas Jones Markschat, Kotsche and Markus Schlichtherle; co-producing with ecci and Markschat.

I Believe follows KAMRAD’s 2021 singles Grow and Dance with Danger. The singer also recent album Down & Up in 2018. It is hoped that his latest single might be part of a full length project.

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