Maren Morris Recounts Journey to Nashville Stardom on ‘Circles Around This Town’

“I drove circles around this town / Trying to write circles around this town / Trying to say something with meaning, something worth singing about / I’ve been kind and I’ve been ruthless / Yeah, I got here but the truth is…” Maren Morris sings in the chorus to Circles Around This Town, the expected lead single of her upcoming third studio album.

This mellow country track harks back to Maren’s previous hits such as 80s Mercedes and My Church with its immediately charming easy-going country grooves. Sonically, Circles Around This Town feels more of a continuation to Maren’s 2016 debut album Hero than its more pop-friendly crossover follow-up Girl – a move that pleases us greatly.

The carefree country track is accompanied by a video which pays homage to Maren’s struggle to make it in Nashville and her journey to stardom, whilst also recruiting the legendary Reba McEntire for a cameo as a TV announcer.

Greg Kurstin steps in to produce Circles Around This Town, with Jimmy Robbins, Julia Michaels, Ryan Hurd and Maren co-writing.

Watch the official video above.