Italian Pop Talent Osvaldo Supino Releases Seductive New Anthem ‘Don’t Hold Back’

We recently featured Italian singer-songwriter Osvaldo Supino’s stellar pride-flavoured anthem Lights Down Low, now the versatile performer returns with an all-out pop masterclass Don’t Hold Back. The track’s title is perfectly apt, brimming with highly-charged sexual chemistry, seductive guitar paired with crunching industrial synths, and gorgeous vocals from Osvaldo, the single shines as one of his strongest yet.

The hypnotic electronic pop anthem is co-written and co-produced by Osvaldo together with Ili and Riley Smith. Osvaldo shares why it was important to craft a positive atmosphere on the release: “There is a desire for lightness, to let go for three minutes and enjoy the moment without thinking about bills, problems and all the chaos that surrounds us. I feel the need to share positive emotions with my audience, especially in this complicated historical, dark time.”

Osvaldo will be featuring Don’t Hold Back alongside previous single Lights Down Low on an upcoming new album, but the singer hopes to give track enough time to shine on its own merit. The handsome pop talent shares: “Everything goes very fast in music and I want to bring my audience to feel more, to live each song deeply, exactly as I do when I write them. Even though they were released at different times, they are all connected songs in terms of sound and theme. There is really a creative bond between them that makes them part of one project.”

Don’t Hold Back’s strong sense of living life as your authentic self and embracing its pleasures come at a troubling time for Italy with the nation’s senate voting against the Italian DDL Zan (law against homophobia and discrimination) – footage of right wing Italian politicians cheering at its rejection was particularly troubling. Osvaldo shares: “I feel humiliated, angry, disappointed by my country that I love so much. Every day I read stories of people discriminated against because of their sexuality and it is unacceptable. We have to make the change, it is necessary, it is fundamental to grow’.

Thankfully artists like Osvaldo are shining a light for the LGBTQ+ community and pushing a message of optimism in these dark times.

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