NEO 10Y Manifests Ideal of Utopian Peace in the Progressive Video for ‘Shortcut to World Peace’

Cerebral pop talent NEO 10Y continues to showcase subversive, thought-provoking music and aesthetics with their latest video release for track Shortcut to World Peace. A video by NEO 10Y, Rob Daglish and OZAT – also edited by Rob Daglish – packs cinematic production values whilst bringing the story of the artist’s music even further to life.

NEO 10Y tells us a little bit more about the production: “[Shortcut to World Peace tells] the story of a protagonist who dies to manifest a utopian dimension of peace. I have flirted with the expanse of the astral realm and death throughout my life and artistic narrative. The Shortcut To World Peace video is a story of a resilient artist who dies so that their message of LOVE could expand and manifest a utopian dimension of peace. I can only hope that the mainstream chooses love and embraces non-violence now.

The musical talent adds: “My philosophy is really simple and inclusive and that is love and curiosity, I believe that this is the Shortcut To World Peace. I have spent the last five years documenting synchronicities in my art and name and proving the universe exists beyond the physical for the purposes of a collective spiritual revolution.”

The music video for Shortcut To World Peace premiered at UK Black Pride 2021 “Love + Rage”, followed by a performance on the mainstage at the Roundhouse in London.  You can purchase limited signed CDs from NEO 10Y’s online site.

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