Photo: Michael Harte

Indie Pop Talent Foxgluvv Tackles Feelings of Bitterness on Self-Aware Musical Treat ‘Lemon!’

Independent pop artist Foxgluvv releases her self-aware pop anthem Lemon! this weekend. The track, centred on the awareness of oneself slowly becoming bitter, is packed with warped synths and catchy hooks ensuring it lingers with listeners.

We found out a little bit more about the track: “Lemon! narrates Foxgluvv’s personal self-reflection, and the realisation that they were slowly becoming bitter. Not wanting her mental health to further deteriorate and get in the way of friendships and relationships, Lemon! was written out of pure frustration for who Foxgluvv was becoming in a downward spiral.

Lemon! sees Foxgluvv work with regular long-term collaborator Scott Colcombe crafting a soundscape that feels reminiscent of classic eighties dancepop yet modern and fresh thanks to impressive warped effects. Packed with savvy, amusing lyrics, Lemon! is an instantly addictive slice of indie pop.

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