Vardaan Arora Releases Personal, Self-Aware Pop Treat ‘Obsessive’

Vardaan Arora lays his cards on the table on his personal new single Obsessive. Exploring how relationships can change us and trigger suppressed insecurities, Vardaan co-writes with Jordan Shulman (‘JORDY‘) and Matthew Ferree (‘Not Famous‘) with the track also featuring production from Ferree.

Vardaan shared on his social channels: “It’s lyrically one of my most personal and overall one of my favourite songs.” Adding “This one is extra special to me. to be able to take something that brings me pain and turn it into a pop song is healing.”

“Oh, I get obsessive, possessive / See-in’ all the ways that I can mess with us / De-mons in my head, they’re making me take the fall / I hope you know it’s not my fault / I just get obsessive,” Vardaan sings in the chorus which lays out the ways in which our psyche can interfere with a blossoming relationship. Obsessive’s absorbing production and self-aware lyricism help the track shine as one of Vardaan’s most sharp, danceable anthems yet.

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