Get That Serotonin Rush as Australian Singer Ralphy Releases Retro Dancepop Delight ‘Pretend’

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Ralphy thanks to her floorfilling gem Dancing on a Heartbreak, prepare to do so now. The Australian pop talent has just released her retro-flavoured, synth-laden dancepop gem Pretend so prepare for that instant rush of euphoric serotonin.

“I know that your love’s pretend,” Ralphy croons in lyrics which she co-writes with Matthieu McReina. The song, centred on bouncing back after a love that was not reciprocated, is produced by C.F. Sullivan with beat contributions by Canadian-based Yuri Buzynnik. Ralphy tells us: “This song is all about taking back your confidence: the opening lines lay out the struggle of falling for someone who’s only interested in playing with your emotions.”

Ralphy has truly nailed it here, down to the pulsating synth-driven production, the punchy triumphant vocal, and the eighties flavoured single artwork.

Connect with Ralphy below: