Aussie Indie Pop Chanteuse Ralphy Releases Melancholic Bop ‘Dancing On a Heartbreak’

Australian singer Ralphy commands us to the dancefloor with her latest single Dancing On a Heartbreak. Like all great floorfillers, the track takes an emotive message about shaking yourself from the rut of loneliness and getting back out there by strutting it on the dancefloor in times of sorrow.

Opening with a faux radio message which slides into a euphoric beat that feels like we’re heading to a neon-lit eighties workout class, Ralphy delivers a high glam dance banger. With an earworm of a chorus questioning “What do you do when you’re dancing with a heartbreak? Nothing to lose when you’re dancing on a heartbreak,” the Aussie starlet delivers sultry, emotive vocals against rippling synths and shimmering dance grooves. Ralphy perfectly captures the feeling of dropping any inhibitions and negativity, whilst losing yourself in a moment of musical bliss.

Ralphy tells us: “When Matthieu McRenia and I started writing this track, it was about feeling down or heartbroken and the only thing that would make you feel better was to dance it out. But then Covid started and the world was in lock down and when we were tweaking the lyrics in the verses, we decided to change the direction of the song slightly to kinda relate to what we are all going through. I feel the world is heartbroken and we have nothing left to lose so, fuck it – let’s dance!”

Connect with Ralphy below. Stream Dancing With a Heartbreak above.

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