Annie Releases Jake Shears Duet ‘Neon Lights’, Teases New EP

Annie’s Dark Hearts was one of the strongest albums of 2020 but we didn’t expect the Norwegian pop talent to follow that long awaited LP so quickly, yet she is set to release a new EP this summer preceded by its title track, a duet with Jake Shears, Neon Lights. Secretly Noord have revealed some of the details surrounding the track and its EP:

“’Neon Lights’ represents a conversation with the past… dialling back 20 years to her track with Richard X ‘Just Friends’, this song speaks to a relationship that has now blossomed into “more than ‘just friends’” – it’s sugary bubblegum pop ecstasy, a refreshing detour from the dark electronic soundscapes of Dark Hearts. The website also suggests “The 5 track EP will feature this collaboration with Jake Shears, a new track with old production flame Richard X, and covers of Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘Just Like Honey’ and Patrick Swayze’s ‘She’s Like the Wind.”

We’re excited to have new music from Annie so quickly and if the delightful uplifting kitsch of Neon Lights is an indicator of the whole EP’s sound, we cannot wait.

1. Annie’s Love Theme
2. Just Like Honey
3. Neon Lights
4. She’s like the Wind
5. April