KEiiNO Tackle Supremacy on New Synth-Filled Anthem ‘ADDJAS’

KEiiNO continue to keep us fed with their latest single, ADDJAS, which takes it’s name for the traditional Sami word for Grandfather. The track sees the pop trio take on supremacist powers on the track, which is set to euphoric synths and packs KEiiNO’s expected powerhouse vocals.

Band member Fred Buljo’s drew inspiration from the disruption of traditional Sami land by those seeking to build a watercourse: “Áddjá” means grandfather in the traditional Sami language, but is also meant to symbolize your inner voice which advises you to be who you are, never give up, and fight for what you believe in. Luckily, the final plans for the watercourse in Alta were shut down due to the local peoples courage and fight.

Tom Hugo describes his own fight against supremacy with ADDJAS tapping into this: “The lack of queer role models when I was a teenager made it hard for me to accept me for who I was. Even if we’ve come a long way here in Norway when it comes to equal rights for minorities, a lot of people are still fighting internal battles. That’s why it’s important to remind people that being an “outsider” is something to celebrate, and that it will get better.

“Tell me / How do you fight a machine / You follow the sound of your heart and dream / Áddjá / I’ve got tears in my eyes but I’m singing for you / Mun jearán áddjás…” KEiiNO sing against production from Rüdiger Schramm and Tom Hugo. The track is written by Alexander Olsson, Alexandra Rotan, Fred Buljo, Rüdiger Schramm and Tom Hugo.

Stream ADDJAS above.