HRVY Delivers Your New Summer Anthem of 2021 ‘1 Day 2 Nights’

HRVY teams up with Danny Shah, Dominic Lyttle, and Niamh Murphy to co-write his new single 1 Day 2 Nights, a euphoric summer anthem that will undoubtedly work its way into your head. The Dominic Lyttle produced track is HRVY’s first release since signing to BMG earlier this year and suggests exciting things ahead for their collaboration.

“It’s been one day and two nights, I don’t wanna go home / Now it’s too late for goodbyes, you’re the one that I want / And in the dark, you’re my highlight / Even though it’s been one day and only two nights…” the handsome pop talent sings on the new anthem, set against bouncing electronic production. With a melody of ‘dum dada dums’ HRVY manages to craft a relentless earworm that will stick with you far longer than the song’s punchy two minute eighteen runtime.

HRVY recently made the call not to release debut album Can Anybody Hear Me last year, but hopefully the star is edging closer to its release with new single 1 Day 2 Nights.

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