Swedish Singer-Songwriter Patrik Jean Explores Star-Crossed Connections on New Single ‘Gravitate’

’You and I couldn’t take it slow. We just rise into vertigo. We got highs even when we got lows,‘ Patrik Jean sings on Gravitate, the Swedish pop talent’s latest single. Gravitate is written by Patrik alongside Jonathan Bellini and Olle Tidblom with production from Neighbours.

Shimmering with a sense of hopefulness and elegant electronic swagger, Gravitate sings of the love and connection that sees two people continually gravitate towards one another. Patrik will accompany the release with a new music video, as well as the gorgeous glitter-infused visuals shot by the singer’s partner Magnus Ragnvid.

Gravitate is Patrik’s first original release since appearing at Melodifestivalen 2021 where the musical talent impressed with his gorgeous heartbreak gem Tears Run Dry. He followed this up with a poignant acoustic version.

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Magnus Ragnvid.