Revisiting the Bops of British Pop Star HRVY

Strictly Come Dancing may be many in the British public’s first official introduction to singer-songwriter HRVY, but the twenty-one year old musician has a surprisingly prolific discography chock-full of fiery bops that are just waiting for anyone willing to dive in. HRVY isn’t afraid to fully embrace a pop sound since his debut EP in 2017 but has continued to experiment with dance and R&B sounds within his standalone singles, EPs, and upcoming full-length album due later in the month.

We’ve compiled this handy introduction to the star’s musical career which you can read below.

HRVY emerged on the UK charts with his debut Thank You in 2014, a love-struck mid-tempo with a Bieber-esque sound as he thanks the love of his life against gentle guitar and electronic production. It would be three years before HRVY would return with Holiday from the EP of the same name, a raucous tropical party anthem that saw him team-up with Redfoo. A euphoric escapist anthem capturing the theme of holiday romances, the track was a showcase for HRVY as a mature pop artist deserving of attention. The track was accompanied on the EP of the same name. This EP also featured Phobia, a track rammed with pop-hooks and emotive vocals from the aspiring musical talent. Electronic dance was the flavour of the EP’s Stylo G collaboration La La La La (Means I Love You).

It would be a track from HRVY’s next EP Talk To Ya that would see him amass his most streams on Spotify. The stellar Personal currently sits at 180 million plus streams and understandably so, the attitude filled pop anthem from producer Sky Adams asserts HRVY as the perfect pop star: good looks, immaculate vocals, and a natural charisma. With a reggae-tinged chorus, Personal, is undoubtedly one of HRVY’s finest moments thus far. The EP also spawned singles Talk To Ya and I Won’t Let You Down – the former shining with its high energy club beats and soaring chorus, the latter impressing with slick production and smooth R&B flavoured vocals. EP track High is also well worth a listen thanks to its soulful chorus and heartfelt vocals. The EP is closed with attitude-filled dance anthem Heartbroken from Sky Adams.

Ever versatile 2018 saw HRVY dip into the world of Latin pop with Malu Trevejo – the track Hasta Luego was a Summer anthem of epic proportions, with HRVY’s charismatic vocals soaring across up-tempo Spanish-flavoured beats. An Enrique Iglesias inspired chorus ensures that HRVY and Malu deliver an infectious pop delight that was a deserved Summer favourite of many pop fans. The track, as well as HRVY’s following 2018 single I Wish You Were Here, will feature on the upcoming Can Anybody Hear Me? album – rightfully so, as the latter packs a sugary-pop punch that deserves to be discovered by new fans.

HRVY took a more heartfelt approach to his following single I Don’t Think About You, a minimalist showcase for his warm vocals against gentle guitar production. Another of our favourites saw the British single collaborate with K-Pop band NCT Dream on Don’t Need Your Love. The blend of HRVY’s smooth English language vocals with Korean-language sounds creates a unique blend, marking an interesting sidestep in the singer’s back-catalogue. The track was followed by a further collaboration, this time with Jonas Blue, the result was Younger – another tropical flavoured Summer hit with HRVY’s enthusiastic vocals shining alongside Blue’s scintillating, sharp electronic production. Further collaborations with Dutch-Moroccan DJ R3HAB, Be Okay and the freshly released Am I the Only One would also impress as a showcase for EDM inspired HRVY. A high profile collaboration with Nina Nesbitt and Sigala, Somebody from 2018, soars as a wistful electronic pop anthem particularly as the euphoric chorus and bass drop come into play.

HRVY closed 2019 with the immaculate Million Ways (which has hit over 32 million YouTube views), produced by Red Triangle, one of HRVY’s best tracks to date thanks to quick-fire, smooth vocals and rousing production. The singer’s highest chart success in Scotland would come from top three hit Me Because of You, a soulful mid-tempo with the singer at his most vulnerable vocally on the emotive pop gem. Further success would come in 2020 single NVRMIND which shines through its immaculate chorus, HRVY’s impressive vocal range, and a Mad Max inspired video. Tracks don’t come much more uplifting than HRVY’s most recent release Good Vibes with Matoma, a feel good anthem that allows the star to showcase his chipper personality and ear for an uplifting, feel-good hit.

It’s clear that the singer’s upcoming album Can Anybody Hear Me? will add a number of gems to this list.

Pre-order HRVY’s upcoming album here.

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