Olivier Dion Releases New French Language Track the Breezy, Uplifting ‘Rendez-vous’

Olivier Dion returns to French-language recording after his 2019 predominantly English language album Exposed. The Canadian pop talent releases single Rendez-vous which is written by Benny Adam, Le Futur and Olivier, with production from Benny.

Rendez-vous is a breezy slice of Mediterranean-flavoured Summer pop. Olivier’s charismatic vocals shine alongside percussion and acoustic-guitar centric instrumentation which gives the song carefree, uplifting tone. As part of the release, Olivier noted: “When we wrote this song, it was obvious in the studio. It comes at the right time in a context where people want to find a life together. Because we all wait for this meeting with happiness, hope allows us to believe that it will happen soon; and hopefully dancing.”

You can watch the official video for the track which evokes hope for positive, healthy times ahead. The track is set to feature on a new album which Olivier is currently working on,