Latvia’s Eurovision 2021 Talent Samanta Tina Releases New Song ‘I’m the Woman’

Samanta Tina impressed greatly with anthemic feminist pop tour de force The Moon Is Rising which she performed as Latvia’s 2021 Eurovision Song Contest entrant. The singer has followed her entry with new song I’m the Woman.

I’m the Woman crafts an intriguing melody that hooks listeners as Samanta sings: “If you ever see me fall, I will learn to fly, You will see me do it all, I roll my own die…” in the empowering, self-confident lyrics. With industrial electronic flavoured production with absorbing percussion, the track is an impressive thematic successor to Samanta’s Eurovision entry.

Whilst Samanta may not have qualified for the grand final of last week’s Eurovision Song Contest, the singer posted a message of resilience and positivity to her Instagram feed, thanking her team. She noted: “Yes! This Eurovision dream has come true! And I can proudly say to myself that I did everything and more to experience this stage and represent my country! Thanks to my SUPER TEAM! You are brilliant! And Yes – I’m in last place! And you know, I’m not ashamed of it, because there’s nothing about it! For some, these numbers on the battle table are very important! I didn’t come to fight here! I don’t have to contend with anyone or anyone to prove something, so I can honestly stand in the END with respect with my head held high! Thank ‘s to all the supporters! Love you!”

Well done Samanta, you did your country proud and you are still the woman!