Max Barskih and Zivert Join Forces For Cyberpunk Pop Hit ‘Bestseller’

With over one million views on the official video in under 24 hours, Max Barskih and Zivert’s collaboration Bestseller is already off to an incredible start. The euphoric dance anthem sees Ukraine’s Max and Russia’s Zivert join forces for this Russian and English-language banger which is accompanied by an incredibly cinematic music video.

An official press release notes that it took the artists one year to create this duet, with six months spent crafting the song and the rest of the time spent on creating the impressive video. The song is described as “a story of loneliness in the style of cyberpunk, thereby anticipating the return of the global trend in all its directions: from fashion, cinema, art to music.” It continues “The modern world is rapidly losing tactility, people voluntarily digitize their feelings and emotions, exchanging them for likes and ratings on social networks. Hundreds of thousands of photographs today replace the touch and warmth of a kiss.”

With hints of sci-fi classics such as The Matrix to the video, the emotional power of the track is heightened. Both Max and Zivert belt the track out with conviction and charisma, helping sell it. Bestseller is written by Bogdan Leonovich, Max and Zivert.

Stream the video above and the track below. You can connect with Max and Zivert on Instagram.