London-Based Artist Holliday Howe Releases New Single Club-Ready Hit ‘kicks’

London based producer, singer and songwriter Holliday Howe has blessed us with a new pop anthem, kicks. Holliday’s first single of 2021 follows her most recent releases crushed, All Night and Dirty Flirt and continues to establish her as an emerging talent worthy of your time.

On her Instagram the singer noted: “Can’t thank everyone enough for sharing and streaming and playlisting kicks already! I can’t wait for the day when I get to party in a club with all of you to it. this song wouldn’t have been possible without @b0ysim who’s production skills constantly amaze me,” complimenting the impeccable production of Boy Sim.

“Tell me what I’m supposed to do, now that I’m in love with you, if only you’d articulate, maybe we could consummate,” the London artist sings showcasing inventive, tongue-in-cheek lyrics against bubbling electronic production. Take a listen to Holliday’s musical delight above.

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