Kady Rain and Jonny Jukebox Combine Forces For ‘You Got Me’

Kady Rain releases an impeccable slice of dancepop with her latest version of You Got Me – this time featuring the contributions of Jonny Jukebox.

You Got Me is produced by Doug Helsel, Matt Parmenter, and Chris Jones. The uplifting pop anthem sings of a love that truly gets you and becomes wonderfully all-consuming, with Kady singing “This is new to me this is new to you, And I don’t know what you’re trynna do, But you got me, You got me,” in the earworming chorus. Jonny and Kady’s vocal contributions craft a varied and original slice of pop music, especially when paired with the track’s buoyant, euphoric production.

Kady is an Austin based emerging talent who has been making a name for herself with vibrant pop releases including: Love Struck, Bad Kids and Lonely One. Jonny is a fellow Texas based talent whose discography includes tracks such as Callin’ U Babie and Consider Me.

Connect with Kady here and Jonny here.