American Singer-Songwriter Miles Hardt Releases Buoyant, Heartfelt New Single ‘Life Goes On’

Ventura-based singer-songwriter Miles Hardt released one of our favourite tracks of the year with the emotive Sinners Need Love and he follows this up with the equally impressive Life Goes On. With buoyant guitar instrumentation and Miles’s heartfelt vocals and lyrical honesty, the American star goes on to further delight.

Reminiscing of a past love and that struggle to move on, Miles sings: “Oh, but I, I still sing, sing about our former love, And I still dream, dream about the two of us, And in my mind, darling, you’re still coming home, And in my mind, darling, I still feel so young,” with the song tapping into that ‘what if?’ feeling that a love cut short often conjures up. As the track progresses, the tempo builds to stunning productions capturing the growing emotional landscape that that lyrical narrative explores.

You can read about the inspiration behind the song which Miles shared in a wonderfully honest Instagram post – which we’ve copied in here. It is yet unclear as to whether Life Goes On and Sinners Need Love will feature on an upcoming album or EP from Miles, we certainly hope so!

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