Singer-Songwriter Miles Hardt Drops Introspective Guitar Pop Anthem ‘Sinners Need Love’

Miles Hardt may have caught our attention through his unmistakably beautiful good looks, but the singer-songwriter also knows how to create a cracking pop tune. Sinners Need Love marks the start of a new musical journey for the star who released his debut album Medicinal back in 2018 and its follow up Running Out of Time this April. Remarking on social media, Miles noted:

“I’ve been exploring lately fearlessly with my music. Different soundsscapes and cadences. Ways I like to use my voice and my words. I’ve felt inspired by this pandemic. In that things can end so quickly and they can change so drastically. I want each song that I release going forward in my musical journey to be just like this. I’ve been very good in my life at not allowing myself to be tethered to any one thing. I remain open. It’s a beautiful thing to be open to change.”

The song tackles the idea that even lost souls need love and affection in their lives. Exploring the idea that everyone is entitled to the universal concept of love, Miles sings: “Even Sinners need love sometimes, yeah
And I could use a little lovе tonight, yeah, Before thе cold death rushly chills hits my spine, Before the razor-sharp edge of the steel cuts my line,”
in the track laden with rich imagery and heartfelt lyricism. Miles adds: “This one is for those who have flirted with the darkness of life a little too long. Those who forgot they are worthy of love even though they have done so.”

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