Rising Starlet Lourdes Capall Releases Gothic Electronic Pop Delight ‘Vampire Kiss’

Singer-songwriter and model Lourdes Capall adds to her growing discography with her latest track Vampire Kiss, a gothic slice of electronic pop.

Written by Michael Jay and Allan Eshuijs, and beautifully delivered by the exciting starlet, Lourdes conjures up images of the gothic romanticism of the vampire (moonlight, spells, and temptation) pairing it with scintillating electronic production. Lourdes’ vocals shine, equally as enchanting as the mysticism conjured up by the track.

Lourdes has gone on to amass near 17,000 Spotify streams for her previous track Over Me, whilst streams on other tracks Bite My Tongue, Si Me Quieres, and I’m Alive continue to grow. Lourdes’ eclectic discography also includes EP Extinction and other gems.

You can connect with Lourdes below. Stream Vampire Kiss above.


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